EBAS Framework

Ebas Framework is a proprietary software framework which provides a standard way to build and deploy business applications.

A business can use EBAS Framework as a white label to enable a successful brand to offer services without having to invest in creating the technology and infrastruture itself.

The following basic modules are included:

  • Social Network Community - Profile, Posting, and Messages; a place where users can network and share information.

  • Contacts - customer management

  • Searches - save and reuse the search of choice

  • Tickets - ticketing system

  • Identity and access management (IAM) - users, groups, roles

  • Journal - activity, logs etc

  • Documents - FTS implementation for most popular formats: pdf, doc, xls, rtf, txt etc. (e.g. agreements, orders, invoices, financial reports, public documents, basic archive etc.)

  • Store - online shop

  • Tips - howtos

EBAS Framework includes technical support and application programming interface (API) that brings together all the above modules.