EBAS eFramework

EBAS (Expert Business Analysis Software) eFramework is a software framework that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate and streamline business administration tasks and provides a standard way to build and deploy business applications. EBAS can help businesses with a wide range of tasks, including:

EBAS can provide businesses with a number of benefits, including:

The specific features and capabilities of an EBAS will vary depending on the vendor and the specific needs of the business. However, all EBAS should be able to provide the following core features:

A business can use eFramework to enable a successful brand to offer services without having to invest in creating the technology and infrastructure by itself. 

The following basic modules are included:

EBAS eFramework includes technical support and application programming interface (API) that brings together all the above modules.

The goal of EBAS is to help organisations align their business strategy with their technology strategy and make informed decisions about their operations, processes, information and technology investments.

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